It all began with three farmers

Like most country tales, this one starts with the land. Our founding farmers wanted to give locals a reliable equipment supplier and repair shop specializing in orchard equipment. So on April 1, 2000, Chico Farm & Orchard was born.

Their goal was simple: help local farmers

Since day one, Chico Farm & Orchard has been about more than selling and fixing equipment. Our mission is to be a resource for the local ag industry and meet the essential needs of farmers. We take pride in being one of the last remaining single-store dealerships left.

Their legacy lives on today

While we are continually growing and increasing our area of responsibility, we’re careful to keep the same quality and standards we’ve had since the day we opened. Equipment sales, parts, and service have always gone hand-in-hand. And we plan to keep it that way.

And our story continues with you

You are the heroes of our local agricultural community. Our farmers keep food on the table, businesses running, families employed, and orchards alive. We’ve been proud to support your equipment, repairs, and supply needs for the last twenty years, and we look forward to serving you for years to come.

Q: What do Chico Farm & Orchard growers grow?

A: Almonds, walnuts, pecans, pistachios, rice, prunes, peaches, olives, hemp, and more!