It’s your one-stop shop

From season to season
Our supply store has everything you need for everyday life on the farm. Pick up a quick repair part, and while you’re at it—outfit yourself from the boots up with our footwear, clothing, and hat selections. Then check out our farm care products for everything from maintenance to manure. We’ve even got fun farm toys for the kids!

A place where past meets present

Not your everyday supply store
Old-school engineering holds space with modern ingenuity, our showroom walls are lined with vintage tractors and playground equipment all stories unto themselves.

And where you come first

Chico Farm & Orchard puts our customers first, which is why we prioritize fair prices over profit. We value the connection with our fellow farmers, so we’ve made sure to listen to your feedback and stock our shelves with everyday essentials.

See What’s on Our Shelves:

Safety supplies/gear
Drivelines and parts
General shop supplies
Garden tools
Pitchforks, rakes, shovels
Tree stakes

Tie tape
Tree flaggers
Tree protectors
Rodent Control
Bearings and grease
Spraying parts
Mower knives
Bogs boots

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