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Q: Are you the kind of person who’d rather drive a tractor than a Lamborghini?

▢ Yes
▢ No
▢ Both

If you answered, “Yes”…. awesome! Or “Both”…clever. (Especially if you know Lamborghini makes tractors.)

At Chico Farm & Orchard, we think having fun is key to a happy, healthy workplace—which is why we take our work seriously, but not ourselves. We care about our employees and clients in equal measure, and you can bet your brisket we’ve been known to throw the best customer appreciation BBQ shindigs across three counties.

We also believe in taking care of our own. All our technicians are trained and certified every year. Safety is a key priority at Chico Farm & Orchard, and we ensure all employees have a safe environment to do their trade. And like all bountiful harvests, you’ll be given what you need to grow into new opportunities.

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What We’re Hiring For
Chico Farm & Orchard will always accept and review applications for all departments—sales, service, and parts. We offer competitive wages and benefits packages!